Can anyone who has an artist inside, take off their eyes from an orange-red sky painted by the setting Sun? That is exactly what we want you to witness here.. A pure off-road drive to “Kallippara” where you experience a colorful sunset with an enchanting view of the “Anayirangal Dam”. The jeep safari is through a lush green Cardamom Forest, which is the most famous here. A 20 mins jeep ride followed by a 30 mins uphill trek to the sunset point makes this one of the most adventurous activity; meanwhile, the trek uphill, with the view of a greenery interrupted with running water channels in the valleys below, and a culmination at the Shola sunset point is, as it sounds, an ecstatic activity. Yes, the Shola Sunset is a Romantic getaway, soothing your eyes and nerves! The feeling you get when the last ray of Sun touches your eyes; oh! If only words could do justice to the beauty and the divine feeling!