How about a visit to one of the very few tribes in existence in Kerala? “Muthuvans” ( Aduvilunthan Kudy) tribe isn’t too big – Only 51 Families live there. Did you know that here, the ladies and kids won’t talk to outsiders without the consent of their leader , known as Moopan or Kaani (in the native language) ? It is also the Moopan, who takes decision regarding marriages of his people. Romantic or any other emotional relationship with an outsider is definitely out of the picture like you guessed.. Here, you will witness the reflection of ancient history and tradition of the natives in Kerala. Lately Kerala government started initiatives to improve basic housing of this tribe. Most of the Huts constructed of mud and Bamboos are now replaced by Concrete Houses. Yet some still choose to remain in Hut, in respect for their tradition and so in love with their mother nature. This visit to Aduvilunthan Kudy is a mesmerizing blend of trekking through the Mathikettan Shola National Park premises and a peep into the very old heard-about culture of a very orthodox and ancient Kerala. Surely an antique and an exotic experience for our generations. Note : We will provide packed food for this trek as it is overwhelming to grasp all these at once and we want you to be in your full energy to experience and enjoy this trek to its fullest. Yes, we do care for you!