Alleppey Backwaters Kerala – Experience of a lifetime

KERALA, God’s own country. We have heard that enough times, but what really makes it so. One of the most beautiful places in southern India does not disappoint in its scenic appearance. The warmth of the people who welcome tourists as their own makes one feel special. One such marvel is Kerala Backwaters. Very few times in our lives we travel to a place, the experience and memories of which will reside with us forever. The place surely has to be beautiful, peaceful and should have the power to reflect the rays of the sun and capture the beauty of the moon in a seamless manner. The only place that could provide this infallible experience is Kerala Backwaters. God's Own Country Kerala Backwaters is considered in National Geographic’s book as ‘The world’s most romantic destination’. It does not fail to live up to the expectations and sometimes even outshine’s it. A Backwater is a part of a river in which there is little or no current. It can refer to a branch of a main river, which lies alongside it and then rejoins it. It is fresh in its nature and divine in its impression. If you are a hopeless romantic, planning to get away with your partner to rejuvenate your love for each other. You are a traveler, wanting to go on a long drive to a place which is as peaceful as a monastery but beautiful in its panoramic view. Your family wants to go on a holiday to a place which offers exquisite experience for both children and the elderly. Then you don’t have to look beyond Alleppey Backwaters of Kerala. Kerala Houseboats

Alleppey Backwaters

Alleppey Backwaters has always been a tourist attraction over the years. It’s lush green forest, its stunning hill tops, fathomless backwaters, ravishing houseboats, glamorous Museum, competitive boat races and beautiful churches provide unforgettable experience to anyone who wishes to be amazed. The most famous attraction of Alleppey Backwaters is its houseboats. Kerala Houseboats, popularly known as Kettuvallams amongst the locals are growing in demand through the years. It provides a beguiling experience to people who hold nature close to their heart. Alleppey Backwaters Kerala Houseboats were traditionally used as grain barges. These Houseboats have now become floating cottages. They provide an opportunity to the tourist to stay in and spend the night.  It is equipped with sleeping area, western-style toilets, a dining area and a sit out on the deck. The food on the Kerala Houseboats is cooked on board by in house chef. The food is rich in flavor and offers a mouth watering cuisine. The best part of spending the night on a Kerala Houseboats is the sun rise which we get to witness along the backwaters. The rays of the sun reflects elegantly trough the backwaters. The chirping of the birds along the dense forest forms a rare sound of music and a sumptuous breakfast will make one feel like a king. Alleppey Backwaters is also blessed with dozens of plush resorts to choose from. Right from backwater resorts to hill top resorts the options are limitless. Alleppey also has numerous economic stay options for people who wish to spend less and see more. Kerala Backwaters Once you have visited the Kerala Backwaters, the memories of the heavenly experience will always follow you. It will symbolize your soul with beauty and appreciation for the creation around us. At least for me it did.  

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