3 Best Kerala Backwaters Spots near Shola Crown

Stretching from Kochi to Kollam, lie the famous Kerala Backwaters – a system of beautiful lakes, canals and rivers that provide an experience like nowhere else – cruising in the soothing waters with only palm trees and forests to your company. Allepey, located at a distance of 190 kms from Shola Crown, is a good starting point for your houseboat trip. You can rent a houseboat or go for the cheaper option of taking the State run boats but the former definitely is a far better experience. After you’ve enjoyed a relaxing vacation at our resort, you can continue the amazing experience on a houseboat at the following locations:   1. Allepey (195 kms from Shola Crown) kerala-backwaters-allepey Allepey has long been the pick of the best spots for Kerala Backwaters due to its pristine beauty and the numerous canals. It is also known as “Venice of the east” and most houseboat tours either start or end at Allepey. During the houseboat ride, you will see many beautiful canals lined with palm trees and locals that depend on the canals for livelihood.   2. Kumarakom (175 kms from Shola Crown) kerala-backwaters-kumarakom Kumarakom is a beautiful village famous for Kerala Backwaters, located by the Vembanad lake and about 16kms from Kottayam. It boasts great sightings of birds at the sanctuary, beautiful paddy fields and lush green forests. You can take the houseboat tour through dancing palms and be amazed by beautiful sightings of birds such as Siberian Stork.   3. Kollam (222 kms from Shola Crown) kerala-backwaters-kollam This one’s a bit father south from us, but is beautiful nonetheless. Kollam is situated at the banks of Ashtamundi Lake and offers many beautiful options for enjoying the Kerala backwaters. Many take the 8 hrs long yet refreshing boat tour from Kollam to Allepey that crosses many beautiful villages and canals on the way.   Kerala Backwaters provide an unmatched experience like the hills of Munnar do to the tourist – its different from the mountains yet so peaceful and refreshing. We hope you enjoy your Kerala trip after departing from Shola Crown to one of these amazing Kerala Backwaters spots. For further details, or to create a custom package including Kerala Backwaters for you, please contact us here.  Read more about the Kerala Backwaters here.

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