5 Hidden and Beautiful Places to Visit in Munnar

Munnar has remained the king of hill stations in India for a long time. It’s loved alike by young adventure lovers, photo ops seekers, couples and weekend relaxers. Munnar has the beauty to captivate its first admirer within minutes of arrival – with the misty mountains, the emerald green forests, the painting-like tea plantations, and the rolling hills! With years of being the media darling, some spots have had returning visitors – we’re writing down the hidden gems, the offbeat places to visit in Munnar!     Kolukkumalai Tea Estate – the highest tea plantations in the world! places-to-visit-in-munnar Very few experiences in Munnar come close to the rejuvenation you get standing at the top of the Kolukkumalai Peak at sunrise – where on one side are miles and miles of tea plantations on the rolling hills and on the other side is a beautiful sunrise – making it one of the best places to visit in Munnar. The peak gets wrapped in mist on some days and you can take a stroll right in the middle of tea plantations on your way back.     Kallippara Shola Sunset Trek – 35 km from Munnar places-to-visit-in-munnar Start with a off-road Jeep ride through Cardamom Estates and then walk through them with sounds of crickets bringing music to your ears! You reach the top of the Kallippara after a medium grade trek and find yourself with a panoramic view of Anayringal Dam, orange-red sunset skies, and at times soaking mist! The weed growing around does bring more colors to the frame your eyes won’t forget for a long time!     Muthuvans Tribal Village – 30 km from Munnar places-to-visit-in-munnar This one boasts something unique that you don’t find elsewhere in Kerala – a deep insight into the lives of the Muthuvans Tribe – of which only 51 families live in this village. Their ways of living life are unique, eerie, and beautiful – visible in their uniquely made huts, farms, and schools.     Mathikettan Shola National Park – 33 km from Munnar places-to-visit-in-munnar Mathikettan in Tamil means ‘Mind Confuser’ and the park gets the name owing to the dense rain-forest and winding ways that used to leave the locals confused and lost. With our tour guide, you won’t lose the way but will come back with memories of geological fauna and flora.     Anayirangal Dam – 22 km from Munnar places-to-visit-in-munnar ‘Anayirangal’ translates to Elephants coming down to drink water. Wild elephants come down here from time to time and have a playful time with water in the dam! Pleasant boating experience can be taken here with scenic views of the western ghat ranges and waterfalls! Also surrounding are more tea plantations!   We hope you’ll enjoy a visit to these amazing spots and places to visit in Munnar. These upcoming spots bring to Munnar the beauty that it deserves to preserve for the upcoming years!

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